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Started at 2013-14 of academic year  the Unit name   name is  ROYAL  EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION   Offered Courses : B Sc Agriculture, Horticulture , Marine Agriculture , Forestry …etc.

 The Society of  (SAPEWS) doing many social services  help to poor  &  illness  people in district & State  and giving education to poor  students whoever under poverty participate health & para legal   social programmes 

The society taken  step a head registered by Govt of India    ” OSHIAN MARINE MARCHANT SHIPPING PVT LTD ”     in 2017 of the year the company main aspiration   maritime education & training to our state  student because literature  ratio 76 %  and they are  hardship unemployment  in the both telugu states .

OMMSHIPPING  PVT  LTD  is  India’s leading  Marine  Training& Educational  institution  since 2014   Mentored&Founded by   Shree.   JAYARAJUPURETI   L.L.M,PhD(Law)    Young&Dynamic   Advocate of Corporate&Maritime Industry Law  Service.We anticipate being  global leaders   in Maritime Education&training, as well as in facilitating  Maritime Recruitment .

About us :

OMM SHIPPING PVT  LTD  is  India’s  leading  marine  career   advisory.   Founded  in  2014-15  by  the  Jayaraju    Pureti famous Legal service person. Mainly vision is  to be come significant  global marine consultants.   Heoriginates maritime   education &training  Launch in Telangana  India. This is the first Institution
in this  state.   Ourcommitmentistohelporganizationidentifyopportunitiesandvaluesinmaritimeserviceindustryand to develop  impeccable strategy to be   this value.

OMM Shipping as  marine  Education& training  Institution,we have  delivered a critical  end-to-end business  consulting  and   marine  education  services.
Ourbusinessstrategybuildsonourvaluablemarketintelligenceandunderstanding,vast maritime database and  knowledge. As  marine   consultants,   services  we  offer  are   divided  in to  four Strategic  Practice  Units(SPUs).
1) Marine Education
2) Marine Practice
3) Marine Training/Practical
4) Marine  recruitment/Placement
OSHIANMARINEMARCHANTSHIPPINGPVTLTD serves as an ocean of  knowledge for  over  25  students pursuing  courses ranging    from Diploma-to-B.Tech  Level  programs through   for  marine   and marine   related  activities in  this  year 2014-15.   Equipped  with  an  excellent  infrastructure  for
research  and development,co curricular and extracurricular  activities  OMMSHIPPING  PVT LTD   secured  its   compliance certificate for ISO9001:2008 QMS standards from international  QMS  Organization .

OMMSHIPPINGPVTLTD are engaged in the business of providing Training  in Maritime Education as well as help in recruitment services since 2014, We have gradually become  preferred  recruitment partners to leading Shipping Companies  worldwide.. Our  roots in Maritime Training have enable gusto bring a unique approach to  Maritime   Recruitment.Over the  past decade we  have helped  to  build the career of more than 40 marine  officers and  marine crew in the  opening  year.    O M M  Shipping pvt ltd   is located in  Hyderabad  Andhra Pradesh (India) and is one of the best private Marine Consultants providing quality maritime education to students for a global career in Merchant Navy  education.   O M M SHIPPING  support to you 100% placement of cadets on board ships for Sea-Training and  is  followed by rigorous final  CoC/CDC Training & Certification.  OMM SHIPPING wills  counselor you to reputed Universities/Institutions both Nationally & Internationally the counseling professionally will be given by the OMM SHIPPING Services.


globalizing  our service range Marine education  solution,  Employment  solution worldwide  in maritime  Industry & education field  To  provide High Quality training  programmes to maritime Industry to Nationally & Internationally Developing simulation & modern  teaching methods through innovation..We provide a plat form Research,education& training Improvement for the maritime Industry Be are liable,ethical & socially responsible maritime education & training provide.

Maritime  Career Consultancy at O M M SHIPPING

OMM SHIPPING PVT LTD committed to be the world leader in maritime education &Training .

Merchant Fast provides a variety of methods as in opportunities. We as a  company determine the quality  of applicant and advice the path accordingly. This apart our company performs profession specific basic  sessions such as soft skills development to ensure that the applicant concerned gets  completely prepared to face the entry examination  performed by the Instructors  and  Shipping  Companies,respectively. We provide in house assistance that imparts sensible
information on various programs being performed across maritime countries like U.K.,India etc,  (MBA,M S C,Freight Deliver Assessing,and Insurance etc).