CAREER AT SEA  :Have you ever considered performed at sea?      Boating as an official with a wage of 14000 US $ monthly within the worldwide Merchant delivery market. Over 90% of globe business is taken by the worldwide delivery market. Without delivery the transfer and business of products on the scale necessary for today’s globe would not be possible. Shipping is controlled worldwide by the International Historic Organization (IMO).The severe nature of the sea reveals delivers to significant actual risk, so a total dedication to safety pervade all deep sea delivery functions. Seaborne business is constantly on the flourish, bringing benefits for customers across the globe through low and reducing shipping costs. Thanks to the growing performance of delivery as a method of transportation and increased economic liberalization, the prospects for the sector’s further development keep are powerful. The effective globe economy, motivated by Chinese suppliers and Native Indian development, is driving the requirement for tonnage to unmatched levels. Shipyards are cleanse with delivery tonnage purchases for next 5 to 6 years and the level of scrapping old tonnage is at its traditional low as the great shipping rates keep even the old tonnage successful. There are around 50,000 Merchant delivers trading worldwide, moving every type of shipping. The globe navy is authorized in over 150 countries, and operated by over a million seafarers of virtually every nationality. The Indians play a significant part in providing third party delivers management solutions to the Ship entrepreneurs. The worldwide delivery is increasingly depending on Native Indian as a preferred source of its current and future seafarer requirement, because it understands that Native Indian has the means to fulfill the number lack and the Native indian recruiting system provides the most powerful base for building great requirements of abilities, projects, professionalism, reliability, reliability and authority needed by the contemporary seafarers.

Generally students are attracted by eye-catching incomes and magnificent lifestyle without knowing the fact that they require social abilities and powerful psychological beauty products. Life at sea is not a comfortable break from the routine life. A merchant navy entrant must involve in a rigorous course of the on-the-job learning. They have to pass stipulated examination to get promotions. Additionally, very strong will to withstand and be patient in case the industry itself faces a job scarcity due to recession of any kind in the maritime sector, a candidate must be prepared to accept these kind of challenges in his life. No doubt those who think they can overcome these shortcomings can have immense opportunities in this field. At an early age they can explore the world at someone else’s cost with an attractive remuneration along with world recognition.

 Required Personality for Shipping Industry : A person with a powerful psychological beauty products and tough actual structure along with a wearing flexible and flexible mind-set can find at sea one of experience and fun. Life at sea is not a relaxed crack from the schedule of instructors. A Merchant fast entrant must include in a extensive course of the on-the-job studying. They have to successfully pass predetermined examination to get special offers. Furthermore, very powerful will to hold up against and be individual in situation the market itself encounters a job lack due to economic downturn of any type in the maritime industry, an applicant must be ready.


Required Skills and Traits
The two primary efficient areas in the Merchant Navy are those of routing and technological innovation 

To be a Merchant Navy engineering officer    should:
• Have and skills for technical, electrical and digital engineering
• Have outstanding mathematics, science, technological innovation and IT skills
• Be able to connect successfully with staff at all levels
• Be able to focus on workloads
• Be able to plan successfully such as contingencies
• Be able to agree to responsibility
• Be decisive
• Have good team operating skills
• Be able to deal with being away from home, often for a long period.

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• A fully paid for degree or diploma-based education and training programmer
• Unmatched travel opportunities
• Exciting liability at an beginning age
• Excellent rewards
• Exciting and different perform using the latest technology
• Credentials that are recognized throughout the world
• A variety of options

 Remunerations  : Merchant Navy is one of the few careers where the wage is relatively great. It can variety anywhere between Rs. 5000 to Rs.4 lakh monthly though the pay structure vary from organization to organization, the export-import needs, seniority etc. all team and authorities are given 100 % free meals on panel and mature authorities can take along their spouses for the journey. Usually emolument in a international veins are higher specially in the Western Western, U.S and the Beach. Every official and team of the Merchant fast operating on panel a boat which is holding international shipping is eligible to 75% of his net earnings in force trading. Besides this, brought in alcohol, cigarettes, processed foods, beauty products are available on panel responsibility 100 % free. They are also eligible to four 30 days leave every year.

  Types of Ships : 

 General Cargo Ships :Until delivers started to be designed to bring specific and specific cargoes, all delivers were simply common shipping deliver, i.e. designed to bring all kinds of cargoes e.g. percussion of road or acidic soft drinks, situations of equipment, containers or containers containing bearings or digital products, Receivers, transistors, metal dishes, paper comes, situations of TEA, Bags of coffee plant seeds etc. General shipping delivers hold were further compartmentalized by one or two outdoor patio under the primary outdoor patio so that different type of shipping taken by these delivers could be independently saved. The part of the common shipping boat began to diminish with the appearance of big dimension large service provider and tankers, but the decrease of these common shipping boat has multiplied since the introduction of containerization (in the 1960).Not only are package delivers able to bring greater volume of shipping in consistent shipping package, time spent in running and discharging has been considerably reduced. Where a common shipping boat may take 3-4 days to load or release, a package deliver can achieve the same in hours, although usually small in dimension, are not suitable for package, or operating on coast and national rich water

Non –Liquid   Carriers : Bulk providers are the great perform horse of the delivery globe, holding globe, holding raw dry cargoes such as fossil fuel, metal ore, feed, sculpture, discarded metal in their large spacious holds. All plenty of duration of writing this unit there is a large requirement for these veins, motivated by the outstanding development of the Chinese supplier’s economy. Recently imports of metal ore into Chinese suppliers have enhanced the income of large service provider entrepreneurs.


The veins in the top row are known as designed large providers, so known as because they bring its own shipping cranes – very useful when visiting slots which do not have coast shipping managing devices.

The veins in the bottom row are gear less large providers. These delivers do not have its own shipping managing gear and hence reliant on coast side shipping running and discharging devices. They are normally much bigger in dimension than the designed large providers.

Bulkers variety from about 20,000 Dead weight plenty (handy size) through the method dimension (Panama) veins of up to 80,000 DWT, to the massive (cape size) veins of over 200,000 DWT. Due to the part use that these veins are put to, their lifestyle -expectancy is less than service provider accidents but the problem is now well under control.  

Admission Procedure:

  1. Test & Interview

The candidates who qualify in the first round shall appear for a written test and an interview. The written test shall be of one and half hour duration and shall comprise of:

  • Objective type multiple choice paper ( to assess the subject knowledge of the candidate)
  • Subjective type paper (to assess the English language skills of the Candidate)

The purpose of the interview is to assess the adaptability of the candidate to marine life.

  1. Counseling

A merit list will be prepared based on the candidates’ performance in the written test and interview. The short-listed candidates will be called for counseling and the Admission Officer will guide you about the pre-sea training that you qualify for.

  1. Medical Examination

Short-listed candidates are required to undergo a medical examination as prescribed in the Merchant Shipping (Medical Examination) Rules, 2000; as amended from a DG Shipping approved doctor.

  1. Admission Confirmation

The candidates who clear their medical examination will be issued an admission confirmation letter after submission of the first installment of course fee.


The Following Documents has to be attached

  • Notarized copy of Date of Birth
  • Notarized copy of 10th Class Mark sheet (Pre Sea)
  • Notarized copy of 12th Class Mark Sheet (Pre Sea)
  • Notarized copy of proof of Indian Citizenship, i.e. (Passport / Ration card / Election Commission of India-Identity Card, etc.
  • Recent Passport size photographs (2 Copies)
  • Original Certificates will have to be produced for verification at the time of admission / reporting.

Mode of Selection

Upon collection and scrutinizing the applications, the Selection Board of OMM SHIPING SERVICES will issue call letters to the short listed candidates.

Candidates are short listed on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination. Preference will be given to candidates with higher qualification and to the wards of serving / retired seafarers, subject to meeting the Eligibility Criteria. Copies of the Guardian’s CDC will be considered authentic proof for justifying the claim.

Short listed candidates are advised to report at the Academy. The candidates have to undergo Test (Written or Oral) or both. They will be tested on the basis of their attitude and aptitude towards seafaring profession, ability to communicate in English, general comprehension and seafaring background, if any.

OMM SHIPING SERVICES reserves the right to select or reject any candidate. The Selection Committee is not bound to call an applicant for interview or to assign any reason for rejection.

The candidates who qualify in the final test will have to undergo medical examination by a doctors appointed by D.G Shipping. Selection will be confirmed only if the candidate is found to be medically fit for sea service.

Once declared medically fit candidates must take admission by paying his course fees, failing which the seat will be offered to the next candidate as per the merit list.

Note :The fees once paid will not be refunded or transferred to any other candidate’s account.

Due to any reason if the training is extended beyond the specified time, the candidates will have to pay extra charges as per the decision of OMM SHIPING SERVICES.


Any suppression of truth, mis-representation of facts or submission of false Certificates will result in cancellation of admission, forfeiture of fees and shall be punishable as per the law. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.